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How to turn a guy on

Every woman desires to be the charming seductress who has what it takes to get the man she wants. After she gets the man she wants, she still wants to remain desirable to her man and make him hooked on her. Here are tips on how to turn a guy on.

Be naughty.

Do not be afraid to show a guy the charming and wild side of you. Send him dirty texts on how horny you are and your naked pictures. When you are talking to him, make sexual sounds. For example, if you are showing interest in conversation by saying words like, "ah-aah, mmmph..yes," you could imagine having sex with him and then moaning the exact words in a sexual tone. Also, talk to him in a sexual tone while fiddling with the area around your cleavage or touching him in his inner thigh. 
During conversations, drift to topics about sex and he will get turned on just knowing that you are comfortable talking about sex with you. Additionally, when you are in the same room with him, rub against him as if you are having sex. This will make him think about hooking up with you, by simply imagining the rocking sex movements you have "accidentally" made. Also, phrase things in a way that he will take them in a dirty way. 

Be a B.i.t.c.h ( Babe in total control of herself)

To be a b.i.t.c.h, you need to be mysterious and to have a life of your own. Men love mystery therefore do not be predictable, so keep him guessing what you are up to. Be a happy woman and someone who is not afraid to pursue her hobbies, away from the man that she wants. Take care of your appearance, men love it when a woman looks good so put on that make-up, not for him but for your own confidence.Also, keep fit by exercising or adopting any routine that helps you maintain a good shape as you will feel confident in your skin. Do not be too available, men love a challenge and when a woman in always unavailable, that man will try his best to get that woman's attention. Flirt with the man you want and also with other men but have limits in the latter case. Men will value you when they realize other men are also interested in you.

Be his fantasy

Another way to turn a guy on is by being adventurous. In that regard, strive to make his experience special, unique and heightened.You could get naked in front of him and allow him to view you from all angles. Give him lots of oral sex, watch porn with him and make him feel sexy and reveal your wild side. Try to find out his wildest fantasies and make them come true. Lastly, take control from time to time by initiating sex because it turn him on to know that you find him attractive.

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