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How to be an alpha male - Make your woman crazy for you

A man who makes you feel to be a woman, has exactly the hang between guiding and holding. He loves your feminine aspects and shows you, by loving gestures that he finds you attractive and desires. A man opposite, who confirmed to us again and again in our appeal, we will try automatically to please. We try harder than when our appearance remain uncommitted and unnoticed. Absolutely unbeatable, however, if it us. Just on the days when we show ourselves can not stand how beautiful and lovable we are just then As a woman, we would be allowed to live out all aspects: little girl when we feel weak and Vamp, if we feel like it. It is nice if the man then accurately recognizes us in our mood and it is received by us for support or we can flirt with him.

He will give support where it is needed - even unasked. (Coincides with Benedict's version)
A real man is also there for you when it is emotional. He then slips away not because it overwhelmed him, but gives you his grip, his ear and his understanding. Even if he sees that you even pull you into the snail shell back. It shows you in a loving way, that he is there and listening without bombarding you with advice and solution strategies.
He is interested in sincerely for your topics.

Sincere interest you recognize the fact that Mr. Right can also send you unsolicited interesting facts or news about your interests when he tripped over. This can be an article, a book or an event to which it makes you attentive. He does not escape the beautiful cloth that hangs in your favorite colors in the shop window even with a stroll through the city. And he brings you with easy - even though no birthday is.

If he loves you physically, then you feel merger and he pays attention to your needs.
A real man is not result-oriented in bed. For him, it should not go to his own climax in the first place. He loves you with skin and hair and makes you just feel in his movements. His hands keep you safe and he looks you deep into the eyes, to not miss any of your emotions. He merges with you and seen you just as you can be. You can easily indulge him full confidence and he makes sure that you experience exactly what you wish for. A real man is a lover, not a buck, the durchjockelt be porn repertoire.

He does not understand you as his property, but can you be with him in freedom and voluntary nature.
A true man is not jealous of any other women, because he knows that your love is sincere to him. Because that he promotes this love. He needs his territory not defend, because he knows that you love him, because he shows you and lets you feel you that he loves you.

He speaks out and stands to what he wants and what bothers him instead identify it with you.
Being male also means to be open and topics that are on your mind, just to clarify, rather than swallow it or them to go out of the way. We women want us men and not yes-men. We want to know how you really feel you and have no superheroes at home, which are foreign to us.

He gives you the feeling of being unique.

A man can you show on 1000 species, how unique you are for him and a real man does. He gives you hope and confidence in weak moments and reminds you of your successes, he takes you loving in the arm, because you right now in this moment and the light so beautifully look and he kisses you on your eyes when you're tired.
It supports your development and your success both professionally and personally.
A real man supports your development, because it makes him happy, happy to see you and to celebrate your success with him. He is not afraid that you could overtake him, because it could then break his little ego. No, he begrudge you your success, because he knows that you are one!
He admits you your freedom, without offset and takes his.
Mr. Right knows how important are time-outs for the soul and therefore it is absolutely self-evident for him, you concede them as well as yourself.

He sacrifices not for yourself, but is lovingly for his interests a.
A man who sacrifices himself for you, so expect an exchange transaction. I do everything for you and you love me for it! But love is not a barter transaction, but always voluntary and sometimes volatile. Love comes to the one who gives love and for no one must sacrifice. Enter if Specify is needed and gratefully accept if you need it yourself. That's the kind of love that both do well.