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10 mistakes men do when meeting women

Lack of vitality

Every day you have to the opportunity to meet a new woman, making her crazy for you. Still, you wonder why the women with the appeal does not work really. Smile upon activation of the women? A smile is not only the simplest form of communication, but it makes you more attractive and gives the woman a sense of security even further.

Lack of confidence

Personally, I find sexy beautiful women on the street to talk. Maybe it's just you and they want to conquer only the prettiest women. What happens? Her pulse shoots up, you get cold hands and now no longer know how to conquer this woman. Do not have the words. This blockage in the response of a woman is called Ansprechangst.

You can overcome the lack of confidence by simply not hesitate. Sounds easy, it is not at the beginning but. It takes some practice, but you should at once if you want to conquer or to appeal to a woman to go to the woman - without thinking. Even if you listen to the inner voice that gives you countless reasons called beautiful women not being able to respond (weather, appearance, etc.), then you ignore this and take action!

 What Will I tell her?

Okay, you have now made the woman smiling to address. What now? Are you lacking the right words for a conversation? Should I talk about the weather, etc.? I had to address the problem in women, ie, I have addressed the woman and then my mind came out to nothing meaningful thing I could say. Eventually I found that it significantly associated with, the environment in which I wanted to conquer a woman.

Better success I had, when direct addressing of women. The reasons are that it is often the case that women simply do not have time to be addressed. You go back and say that you want to get to know the woman. At that moment the woman will definitely know that you want to conquer it, even if it does not communicate. The topics of conversation should always be dependent on the time of women and your time!


Women feel Well, the man to respond, which is loose and relaxed. It helps immensely if you take the woman is not 100% serious and they take a little playful on the "shovel". This recognizes the woman subconsciously, that you understand it to be able to conquer a woman. This is especially noticeable when you want to conquer a woman at the club in the evening. During the day, women are different, less sensitive to "turn on" as the nightlife. It is in this on-the-shovel-take not to offend or injure the woman. Rather, you must see this as a game.


You should be aware in advance, follow which aim to conquer the woman. They want the woman to know and if it goes well conquer the woman. First, your focus is probably aimed to obtain the telephone number. But what I have found is that it makes more sense to skip a destination. That You actually want the phone number of the woman, but to go specifically to a meeting and then get by the phone number.


Conquer and compliments a woman - is that possible? How have you done that before? Told how great the woman is what a good taste it has, etc.? Of course, women love compliments, but only if they have this well deserved. Go with the compliments so sparingly and distribute them only if the woman has qualified for it.

Invite A woman

You know that too? You are in the Club and want to conquer a woman. How to make the most of the men? Invite the woman to drink. Good? No, wrong! Bad for your image and your wallet. Women then think inevitably that you need to "buy" their attention because you do not have success with women. Make the woman so on a pedestal and make it so that only inevitably difficult to conquer the woman. Of course there are also women who are looking for men with money. Let's be honest. Do you want such a woman in your life? Or at your side?

 ask questions

Questions are the Introductory Killer conquer the woman. Just imagine that a woman you want to get to know you and constantly asks questions. What happens? You probably lose interest! Avoid using too many questions, and convert them questions instead in statements to. Normally you would the question: "Where are you from?". Convert this question in a statement when women appeal to "come determined from XYZ!". Through statements, you indicate that you are self-confident. Furthermore, the conversation quickly becomes an interrogation by asking too many questions. They want to conquer the woman and not interrogate! What to look for is that questions from the woman signaled interest.


To be able to conquer a woman, it is important that you take the "lead". Run does not mean that you have to be dominant. Make decisions, you are the man. Something like: "There is a great cafe about it. Come, let's go have a coffee "and you run off and take the woman's hand. What now does not mean the woman that they conquer the woman to impose your will. Of course, you need to calibrate your behavior.

Living in the past

Do you know that? They wanted to conquer a woman, and it has gone wrong? How many times have you received a basket of a woman in your life? It belongs to that one (s) to conquer the woman receives a basket. They could also not the same running, car driving, etc.! Not all women will find a great, or they have a bad day, or, or ... There are so many women in this world. Learn from the baskets, then you will be able to calibrate their behavior better and soon conquer the right woman.